You are welcome to contact / inquire at:

Table reservations can be made on tlf. 65 91 70 30

We as far as possible to accommodate requests for specific seats, you can not make promises of this, because it is only at the very end, we should have “table plan” to go up. We try naturlogvis always to take account of the guests who have booked first.

It is sometimes possible to get a private room. It requires a minimum number, which paid for.

We have in addition to the restaurant following rooms around the same buffets.

Ground floor:
Salon – about 50 seats. – Payable min. 40 adults envelopes.

Sunroom – about 34 pitches. – Payable min. 30 adults envelopes.

First floor:
Gammel first – about 45 seats. – Payable min. 30 adults envelopes

New first – about 35 seats. – Payable min. 30 adults envelopes

Gl. + New first – about 75 pitches. – Payable min. 60 adults envelopes.

Should the entire restaurant closed must pay for mine. 175 adults envelopes.